Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crossing Paths for A Reason

There will be many people that disagree with me, but change is not about agreement with the norms.  Why do so many continue to bury their heads in ancient oral texts that were written and produced for social and moral control and order?   This statement which I hear from so many people is not true.  Let's give it up!  You tell me that a child that has been sexually or physically abused has crossed paths with the perpetrator for a reason?!  You tell me that a sexual assault survivor crossed paths with her/his assailant for a good reason?!  You tell me that someone that was burned alive or beheaded crossed paths for a reason?!  You tell me that someone that got hit by a car and died was meant to cross paths for a reason?  There is no truth to this statement.  Think about it.  We use these statements so we don't have to take action towards resolution.  It is a way to pacify ourselves and a way to stay submissive to our surroundings.  That's it.

The purpose of this statement is to produce virtuosity and righteousness, and that is exactly what we are doing.  In other words, we are obeying or submitting to these statements.  What I am trying to say is, start questioning what you think or profess is to be true.  We usually pick up a statement from someone, and immediately think it is correct.  It sounds good; everyone else is doing it; even people in authority believe it (oh, yes, and the TV says so).  Instead, study some history or do some research and you will understand the reasoning behind many of these texts.  You will be more informed to make a good decision; a decision based on truth and not something that is meant to control or keep you in line.

Wake Up to Live is about awareness in every aspect; it's about questioning the social norms; the things that feel uncomfortable to talk about.  Wake Up to Live is about eliminating the biases and seeing what is really true; although it is difficult to do, we must Wake Up to Live, and be responsible for our actions: the actions for ourselves and others.  

Wake Up to Live by Desiree Leigh

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