Monday, May 30, 2016

Wake Up to Live! Regaining Hope

Regaining Hope

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh 
Life looked pretty dim at times when I was married to an alcoholic, but, you know what, if you are not on the verge of waking during the relationship, your children (if you have them) will surely wake you if you listen.

There was an incident when the police came to the house.  They escorted my husband out.  I can't speak of the vile words and threats that spewed out of his mouth as they walked him up the driveway.  Later, that evening or the next, two of my sons and I walked up Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver getting some fresh air.  It was a nice cool summer evening, I remember.  

We were all in a bit of a shock, but the children could see my fear, not sure of what I was going to do. I guess they could see I was panicking, even though I thought I was doing a good job keeping it all together. Anyways, I must have said something that made them believe that I was losing HOPE.

Just as a doe sees the bright lights as a semi-truck approaches her, my youngest son, Fabio, said to me, you gotta have hope mom.  I know I heard him clearly the first time, but I said, what? He looked up at me with his big beautiful round brown eyes and said, even if we lose everything, mom, we still have hopewe still have each other. His words; my little man's words brought my shoulders down and gave me a smile. All the fear, panic, and anxiety washed away! 

There are many ways to experience and feel a sense of hope. You have to be open to receive the comforting messages from your internal strength/wisdom and/or the strength of others, whether through feelings, thoughts, words, or gestures.  

Here's a picture of my 3 boys. They are all much older now. I cut out their pictures and pasted them together quite awhile ago. A bit of a shoddy job, but I have all three of them together; all about the same age. 

They truly are my inspiration!

From left to right: Fabio, Dustin, and Paul

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