Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wake Up to Live! You Are Good Enough; You Have Potential

You Are Good Enough;
You Have Potential

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh
Opportunities arise all around us all the time.  I know because I have seen them, but the opportunities that arise are normally not taken because some of us don't see our potential, we don't believe we are good enough, or perhaps we believe it is not the right time.  

I wanted to start a food truck and set it up on Beach Avenue in Vancouver. I had this great idea I researched.  I was 21 at the time.  I talked to Vancouver City Hall, but they wouldn't allow trucks, or kiosks for that matter, on Beach Ave so they refused to give me a business licence to operate there.  With their answer, I didn't pursue it.  I guess I didn't think I was good enough, I didn't see my potential, and gave up. Funny thing, though; just a few years later, food trucks and kiosks started to pop up in that area.  

When I was 24, I was approached by a modelling scout in North Vancouver.  He gave me his card and the company name, which is still in downtown Vancouver and New York, but I didn't act on it.  I didn't see my potential! I didn't see that I was worthy.  

I was living in Kelowna at 32 moving on from a relationship.  I was doing some upgrading in sciences and math at Okanagan College. I was approached by the engineering department. The professor asked if I ever thought about pursuing engineering as a career.  He said I had the grades to do it and that he would like to see me enter the program.  I didn't see my potential and walked away from it! 

I began taking courses in mathematics at Capilano University when I was 35 after moving back to North Vancouver.  I received a letter in the mail from the Dean stating how well I had done and that he looked forward to seeing me continue in this direction. Once again, I didn't see my potential, but at this time, I didn't think it was the right time either.

These examples are only a few.  I kick myself, at times, thinking how blind I was to my potential--knowing that I was, actually, good enough.  I just didn't see it.  Someone could tell me over and over that I was good enough, but in my mind, I was not.

I am not here to convince you that you are good enough because, that, you will have to reveal on your own.  Knowing that you are good enough, knowing your potential, is only revealed when you do the work--the inner work.

Don't regret the chances you didn't take, the relationships you were afraid to have (yes, this was another one because I was too afraid to speak up), the careers we didn't pursue, or the decision we waited way to long to make. You have potential.

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Wake Up to Live is about awareness in every aspect.  Waking up to live life is about questioning the social norms and the things that feel uncomfortable to talk about.  Wake Up to Live is about becoming awake to our biases, prejudices, and injustices. Waking up to live life is about waking up from unconsciousness to see what is really true.  Although waking up to live life with awareness and clarity may be difficult to do because now we must begin to make the hard choices, we must strive to Wake Up to Live and be responsible for our actions and the actions of others.  We are in this life together!  

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh


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