Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wake Up to Live! Little Known Ways to Build Self-Esteem

Little Known Ways to Build Self-Esteem

by Desiree Leigh at Wake Up to Live

Women and their flaws.

Everyone woman that I have ever met has some self-esteem issues.  Women seem to always find flaws within themselves which others sometimes find odd or unusual, because to us they are beautiful inside and out.  Sometimes it's difficult to believe that these beautiful women feel that way about themselves, but it's true.  

Question your assumptions.

When you walk down the street and see a gorgeous woman, how many times has it crossed your mind that she MUST be confident, happy, and successful in most areas of her life?  I know I tend to do this, at times.  Yet, this assumption is clearly not true.  Even the most gorgeous and popular women in the world have self-esteem issues; they just don't express it in public.  

Building Self-Esteem.

To help build self-esteem in another, be repetitive but genuine in your positive comments.  You don't know what this woman has gone through in her past nor do you know the memories or the pain she carries, so don't be too quick to judge that just because she is beautiful on the surface that she doesn't hurt and see herself as less than others.  By doing this, you are showing empathy

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