Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest

May you be blessed with all good things.
May all your joys be too numerous to count.
May your victories flow freely.
May your struggles and shortcomings
serve to make you stronger and wiser.
May beauty and abundance be your constant companions.
May every direction you choose lead you to grace.
May every doubt and fear be replaced with
an enduring trust.
May you be aware that unconditional love
is who you are,
so not to be tempted to judge, condemn, or feel alone.
And when there is only darkness,
may the light within illuminate the world.
Live, love, laugh and play during the sunshine and the storms,
because behind each experience is a rainbow to be discovered.
Happy Harvest to the plentiful within.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

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