Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creativity Enhances our Well-Being

Creativity Enhances our Well-Being
Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

Creative activity makes our human experience
more alive, vivid, real, enjoyable,
and, meaningful from moment to moment.

When we are creative,
we are more spontaneous and free.

When we are creative,
we continue to develop our creativity.

Maslow (1971) states in his studies that "self-actualizing" creative people were "spontaneous, effortless, innocent, easy [and had] a kind of freedom from stereotype and cliches." They were more like children, in many activities of daily life.

"Self-actualizers" also appeared more mature, with a higher purpose, doing work that seemed like a calling, acting from beyond "deficiency" needs (personally focused needs such as love, acceptance, or respect) towards "being" needs, involving more universal caring and a greater good, a difference which has also been applied to creative activity (Rhodes, 1990).

They are more consciously aware in the moment, rather than leading a habit-bound routinized life (Langer 1989; Richards 2006).

Self-actualizing creative people are open to experience such as "tolerance to ambiguity," and "preference for complexity," and the ability to "play" with elements. They relish the new but do not jump to conclusions (Barron 1995; Rogers 1961).

"Self-actualizers" are more resilient when shaken up or destabilized. They cope creatively and at times thrive on the "edge of chaos" (Richards 1997; Zausner 1996).

They are original, almost as a habit, having a more open and flexible manner that generated new perspectives (Barron 1995; Harrington 1981).

They are able to live more vividly in the moment..."total involvement with some object or activity" (Csikszentmihalyi 1993).

The highly creative and self-aware person has the potential to be more aware of life's flow, the nature of change, and our interdependency (Rhodes 1990; Richards 1997).

So basically it comes down to...
if we were to live more creative lives,
we might just feel more alive,
enjoy life more fully,
act less neurotically from our own self-serving motives,
know ourselves deeply,
and in the end have greater health benefits.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

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