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Has COVID-19 Changed Who We Are?

Many people are trying to go about life as though they are not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They want to carry on with life as though they are wearing shields of armor keeping their heads above the coronavirus and business as usual. We have others that think this pandemic is fake news and it is all a sham. "It's simply the flu," they say while we have health care professionals (RN's that I know) trying to save lives and dying in the meantime. And yet there are others that are fear-struck, hoarding materials such as surgical and N95 masks and toilet paper, as though they are the only one's that want to survive this COVD-19 pandemic and save their families.

Keeping a schedule is important to keep our sanity. I definitely get that. However, I really believe that we need to stop and think about what is going on. Going on as usual is simply a way to keep ourselves in denial. Perhaps, what we need to do is to wake up and recognize what is happening within ourselv…