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Can Capitalism Coexist With the Environment?

Industrial capitalism stimulated economic growth by way of trade and a global mass market based on mass production.  With the rise of the industrial revolution, slavery and serfdom were uprooted and the lower social class could now earn wages and own property.  Fluidity between classes became apparent.  Thus, capitalism brought benefits such as freedom of choice, a competitive market, private ownership, and economic and political independence.  Nonetheless, can a capitalist system coexist with the environment?  Capitalism brought “domination and exploitation” (Parkinson & Drislane, 2011, p.163) over the working class, conglomerate control of industry, and destruction to the ecological system.  The major concerns of a capitalist system in relationship with the environment is the attitude of maximizing corporate capital at all costs, even at the expense of abolishing the environment by way of industrial pollution, such as toxic chemicals, sacrificing public health, and the free trad…

Personality is 50% Heritable But What's The Other 50%?

Personality traits are 50 percent heritable.  Yes, can you believe it.  Studies have shown that you and your loved one's personality traits are genetic.  So your uncle or your neighbor that have an angry disposition is born with it.  Or, your child that is shy or a socialite really did pick these genes up from you and your partner (or somewhere else down the line).  HUH!  How is this possible?  Oh my!  I guess this means I can't change this 50% that is heritable.  Well, as a matter of fact, yes you can.  Let's not chalk it all up to, "I was born with it and now I can't do anything about it."

Let me clarity.  Let's say you are born a "suppressor" - you deny feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, and fear.  You try to avoid bothersome thoughts in hopes they just blow over.  Okay, this is all fine.  And, now, maybe you can become more accepting to yourself and others just knowing that your circumstances didn't create "all" of your …