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The Many Variations of Mindfulness Practice

The Art of Mindfulness ©

The Origin of Mindfulness
Mindfulness is used in various disciplines: for health and wellness such as in psychotherapy to reduce stress and anxiety and to create a sense of awareness of somatic or body sensations and in medicine to reduce chronic and acute pain, for instance. However, mindfulness has been around for centuries, and it goes way back to the teachings of the Buddha.  Buddhist meditation, as it is actually called, is preserved and practiced in various countries, and, at the most basic explanation, the aim is to alleviate suffering and to attain a state of transcendent peace. Today, in the West, Buddhist meditation has morphed into a word many of us recognize as mindfulness that many incorporate into our daily activities to create awareness of our thoughts, body sensations, and movements, breath, and anything else that surrounds us or is within our environment. 

I am not a Buddhist monk and neither do I profess to understand the entire history…

Healing Take On the Dynamic Pattern of Twigs

Healing Is A Dynamic Process ©

Healing is Not Straight Forward My healing process, over time, has evolved into many forms.  When I look back to when my healing process began, I could never have imagined that the series of steps taken in healing was so dynamic.  When we look at healing the mind, body, and spirit, we usually think of one thing -- simply to heal what is bothering us: a broken relationship, a traumatic past, or recovery from an accident or surgery. That seems simple enough and quite straight forward, but that word in itself called simplicity paralleled with healing is an illusion because healing is not simple but rather complex, and it varies. 
Twig Growing and Stretching Healing takes on the pattern of twigs trying to take their place within a tree as they grow and stretch.  You can't see this dynamic interplay as much when the leaves are attached to the branches, but when the scent of autumn comes and the leaves take wind, you begin to see the abundance of twigs and the…

Mindfulness Can Help You Heal

I want to discuss, let's say, the modern version of mindfulness, or the quality of being aware or awake to something, and how mindfulnesscan help us heal.

We Have So Much Stuff!
Normally, in life, we are wrapped up in our 'stuff.'  Our stuff consists of things like our job, participating in research studies and volunteer positions, keeping a social media presence, being a mother, student, daughter, or nurse. Basically, our stuff is the roles we take on in life; these can be many. Our stuff can also consist of our busyness such as shopping, cleaning, driving, worrying, stressing, or hurting, for example.  Most of us have a lot of stuff, so our minds and body's stay busy with our tasks. We become absorbed in what we are doing, but not in a mindful manner where we are present to our situation. We become so busy that we become mindless meaning that we aren't present.

Mindfulness or Awareness
Today a few argue that awareness and mindfulness are two different things.  I disa…

The Biggest Illusion that We Are Not Darkness

The Ascending Quality of the Lotus Flower,   and How it Translates to the Healing Process 
 "I must have a dark side also to be whole."-Carl Jung 
The lotus flower and the healing process. 
The growing of the lotus flower has similar qualities as a person heals from the heaviness and murkiness of darkness. Darkness can be attributed to the likeness of symptoms and behavior left behind from an abusive and dysfunctional family such as depression, anger, or shame, for example. While in the mud of darkness, the stored, or potential, energy begins to move, such as with the implementation of therapy. Therapy (a catalyst for the stored energy to become kinetic energy) causes a movement of energy in the mind to create awareness.

The hidden parts of the lotus seed.
You cannot see this aspect of movement or growth within the shell of the seed or within the cranium. You can only feel something is going on within. The shoots, then, burst out of the shell's seed, the aha moments, and sl…