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Is Your Communication Style Insulting or Inspiring?

Is your communication style insulting, belittling, or inspiring?  When writing comments in the first person, it guarantees me not to exclude myself from what is being discussed.  Thus, I take on the responsibility to what I write or say.  I don't direct the comment to someone else.  Rather I try to influence.  For instance, "when I am not expressing my own creative potential, I focus on blame in a relationship instead of focusing on creativity."  I take on the responsibility personally.
On the other hand, if I write in third person, I direct the comment to others so that now I am more of a judge and juror than someone trying to support and uplift.  For example, "when people aren't expressing their own potential, they focus blame on the relationship instead of focusing on their creativity."  Do you see the difference?  Do you feel the difference?

Many of us say and believe we are inspiring others into awareness; but when it really comes down to it, we are j…