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The End In Mind

"We may be very busy, we may be very efficient,
but we will also be truly effective
only when we begin with the end in mind."

~Stephen Covey, Author and Speaker

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

Obeying Puppy Dog

Do you notice that when you make a decision to do things differently, like taking action in following your intuition, there is this negative friction that starts trying to pull you back in to your old patterns of habit? Well it's happening to me right now. I have been waking up at 4:50 every morning, doing my visualizations, rampages of appreciation, meditation and then working out by about 5:30 am. I made a big commitment to myself. To be more self-disciplined with my inner wisdom. To follow through, so I can let go of some of the "what ifs." My day is full with more studies, now, and of course my business too, so this schedule is taking me away from the comforts of my home. And some people don't like it!

Most of the time I was able to do business and studies at home, so I was able to tend to things around the house, like the dogs and the usual maintenance. Now I can't. It's not that things are chaotic, they are just different. Others are noticing…

The Ripple Effect

Each choice we make causes
a ripple effect in our lives.
When things happen to us,
it is the reaction we choose
that can create the difference
between the sorrows of our past
and the joy in our future.


Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

The Unwillingness to Improve Yourself

"Many people are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves...they therefore remain bound."
~James Allen, From "As A Man Thinketh"

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

Effective Leadership

Character development is essential in the effectiveness of great leadership: trust, the courage to face your own weaknesses, and the desire to better understand those around you.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

Writing Raw

"Becoming present with yourself produces the 'raw' material of your thoughts and feelings while simultaneously listening in on yourself empathetically, inquisitively, and imaginatively. When you are present to yourself in this way, your attention is never divided; you experience no conflict or anxiety since you are merely recording [writing] your thoughts as they occur to you moment by moment. Then new information has a chance to enter your thinking. Because your not blocking [or resisting] them out or defending against them, you can let go of old assumptions and ways of seeing that are holding you back. This process is key to your emotional health."

Excerpted from Writing the Mind Aive.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

Unconsciousness Controls Us

"A surprising number of us would just as soon avoid starting down the slippery slope that uncomfortable feelings can present if we give them full expression on paper. Better to ignore or suppress them, lest they start to make our lives more complicated than we can handle...

We often make the mistake of thinking there is safety in unconsciousness and danger in awareness. But the reverse is actually true. As writers, awareness of our thoughts gives us control over our material, where as unconsciousness controls us."

Excerpted from Writing the Mind Alive.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

How Commitment Works

What Are You Committed To?
Until one is committed
There is hesitancy, the chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation)
there is one elementary truth,
the ignorance of which kills countless ideas
and splendid plans:
that the moment one definitely commits oneself,
then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would
otherwise never have occurred.
A whole stream of events issue from the decision,
raising in one's favor all manner
of unforeseen accidents and meetings
and material assistance,
which no man would have dreamt
would have come his way.


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Peace In the Midst of Pain

It has been a busy and eventful month preparing all the necessary things for my last son to experience his first year in University and another going back for his second. I am grateful that I am able to provide them with this opportunity. I had a wonderful trip, enjoying many sights of Toronto. Perhaps not as many as I wanted to, but in such a short time there is only so many things you can actually fit in to your schedule without feelings of overwhelm. And I was already on emotional and physical overwhelm, feeling a lack of peace.

I finally completed Marianne's book, The Age of Miracles at the Pearson airport while I was waiting for my flight. A place that appears to be in the midst of chaos. For some reason I scheduled the flight late in the afternoon so I had much time to waste. It's funny how the right book comes in to your hands just when you need it. The day before I went to Toronto, I knew deep in my heart that Marianne's book was the one to read on the tri…