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Moods by Association

Moods by Association
I'm getting settled in my new home in Nanoose Bay.  It's been about three weeks; however, it feels as though we've been here a lot longer.  The quietness is amazing!  I don't have to 'find' solitude anymore.  It's right here under my feet.  The geese are very active right now so I hear them almost all day.  The crickets chirpy sounds are so loud when there is nothing else to listen to in the background in the evening.  When the skies are clear at night, the blackness is lit up with billions of stars.  And, the most beautiful to me is watching the horses gallop just beyond our back fence.  Nature is really heaven when you have a chance to be with it.  Living in the city, I had to make a point to get outside and take time to be with nature.  When you live somewhere in the country, it's all around you.  My agenda no longer has the words "I must get outside" on the to do list.  That in itself is beautiful.

Relocating to a new …