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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Come to a Close

Today is the last day of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and there is a feeling of sadness going on in my heart because it's coming to a close. It feels as though the Olympic spirit has touched many of us - not all of us, but many of us. It has brought many countries closer together and just today I heard someone say that there was a feeling of Oneness.

The five interlocking rings represent the union of the five continents, and the colors were chosen according to the colors of each country's national flag. This union is what is so powerfully recognized when it comes to celebrating our Olympics together as One.

Not everyone agrees with the Olympics. Like everything else, many will be looking for and concentrating on the dark side rather than on what the Olympics offer us.

The Olympics is a celebration of humanity's connection to one another. To experience our grace when we all come together. To stand up for each other and encourage our growth, determination, and tenacity …

Unstable Foundations Lacks Integrity

Unstable Foundations Lacks Integrity
What happens when you create on top of a mess? More of a mess. Perhaps for a little while things will go according to your desires, or so it seems, then one day the original mess reappears.

Doesn't this seem to occur to many of us, especially in our middle ages? We go along in life thinking everything is fine, denying the messes that we created in our lives, pursuing our 'so-called' dreams and goals and then one day something brings us to a complete halt! We have a nervous break-down, chronic fatigue sets in, arthritis or digestive problems begin, we have an affair, we get a divorce, past issues continue to bombard us, we drink more, whatever the case may be, we begin to think, "Is this all life has to offer?"

What happens when you build on top of a foundation that lacks integrity? The building collapses. This is really a no-brainer when you think about it. Why do we build strong foundations for architectural design know…

Invent a New Future for Yourself

When you operate from the level of your distorted ego - that chatter that goes on in your head - those recurring rampages of thought, you make choices based from your past. Your future is already written. There is no creating possibilities or access to inventing anything NEW.

As Zaffron and Logan state in their book The Three Laws of Performance, you are living into a default future "written by history, circumstances, cultures, aspirations, successes, failures," and expectations.

To elevate performance and invent something NEW, we must resolve our past issues, NOT step over them and pretend life's 'just fine' and deny what happened. When we step over our broken promises and agreements (that means to our self and others), we lose integrity. Our whole, complete, unimpaired, and sound Self gets swallowed up by the 'racket' or noise in our head. We begin to see situations through filters. We don't see reality. We only see what the filters allow us …