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The Reason I Started "Wake Up to Live!" Blog

The Reasons I Started "Wake Up to Live!" Blog
One thing is for certain about life, there is a beginning and there is an end, and it's important to get on with life and make the best out of it no matter what's happened to you. I say this with much empathy and understanding.

I started the blog "Wake Up to Live!" in 2008 because I wanted others to wake up to live a life fully and passionately.  I didn't want life to pass them by. I was once a sleeper, and I lived life from a knee-jerk reaction not conscious to the reasons of my emotions and behaviors, as well as my choices. I made some sh** arse decisions. I struggled for years living with the repercussion of chronic childhood abuse, incest, sexual assaults, and then later domestic violence. I was plagued with memories but it was also the behaviors that I accumulated from childhood trauma that kept me stuck in a life spiraling downhill. I kept harming myself with eating disorders, rage, depression, and drugs…