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You Could Change Someone's Life If You Do This

You Could Change Someone's Life If You Do This
I've been attending weekly calls with Co-Active Training Institute and I'm really leaning into the brilliant conversations - connecting with others - about what is changing within ourselves during this time of the pandemic. 
Interestingly, one of the participants mentioned that she's noticed that because of the social distancing, people were not only distancing their bodily selves, but they were also avoiding eye contact and conversations. However, another participant chimed in and said the absolute opposite. Within her cul de sac, people were coming together. They were physically distancing themselves from one another, but they were also engaging in conversations more than ever. 
As coaches, we're curious to what the reasons may be in others' behaviors and, for sure, it may be dependent on the infrastructure, the location, and the socioeconomic status, for example. None of us really know the true reasons behind thi…

When You Nurture the Whole Woman

When You Nurture the Whole Woman

Maya Angelou's teachings.
Maya Angelou (1928 - 2014), an incredible women, poet, civil-rights activist, and author spoke extraordinary words for us to live by.  She had a kick-ass attitude with a forgiving and compassionate heart.  She encouraged us women to support each other, to take action where we can, and to accept the things we cannot change. She said the keys to success in life was about remembering to laugh, liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.  Not always something simple to do, liking ourselves, for instance, when we experienced a tainted and traumatized past.
Understanding the difficulties of making change.
Maya Angelou was a woman that was action-oriented, yet she understood the difficulties of making change. She said, Stepping onto a brand new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation which is not nurturing to the whole woman. So if you are living in a bad situation, such as a relat…

With Change There is Loss

Are You Afraid of Change?

Fear of change.

When there comes a time in your life that you know you need to make a change or you strongly desire to change, don't be afraid to change. The fact is that you may gain something better.  Yes, you may feel as though you are losing something significant and that tug inside your heart always gives you the feelings of heaviness, doubt, and, perhaps even, insecurity. However, in the end, and when you look back in hindsight, you will see that taking those steps to changewere the right steps in that moment.
Take a chance.

We cannot predict what our outcome will be for certain as we anticipate it to be, but, when we take a chance to live a life of authenticity, we can feel the pride and say, at least I tried.  You remove the regret.
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Can One Person Make Change?

There are way to many people that say that we can't change things; that the matter is too big and either out of our hands or out of our control to see any movement from one person.  I totally disagree with this attitude.  

For the naysayers, it's time to start looking at how change happens.  Change doesn't happen by people sitting back and doing nothing or living separate lives from the world around them.  Change happens by getting up and creating a voice about what is important to you and the people around you.

I hear people say: "Don't fuss, it's not worth the energy;" "Why make a big deal out of it.  Life has always been like this;" "Don't worry about something you cannot change;" but this way of thinking is misleading and false.  First, can you imagine if we all thought this way?  No change would happened.  Besides, why are we leaving the change for someone else?  Second, this is exactly how the big guys wants you to think--d…

Take a Stand or Fall for Anything

Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything
When will it be your turn to Wake Up to Live a life in which you stand firmly for what you believe in.  If you passively and obediently walk through life with an acceptable opinion to satisfy others and so that you don't rock the boat, no change can happen and no justice will happen.  
Lively debate must occur to open up the spectrum of thought and ideas to discover solutions, but all parties must be willing to debate 'and' to listen to the debate without blasphemy or ridicule and then take action.  Wake Up to Live now. Take a stand. Speak up with your voice and give your time to a cause for the love, safety, and health of humankind and the world.
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Awareness Happens Before Change

How many times have you heard that in order to change you must have awareness first?  You must be conscious to your surroundings, your habits, your beliefs, your patterns, your words, and your behaviors?  Even so, because you have awareness, this does not mean that your situation automatically changes.  In general, action must take place. Making the unconscious conscious when it comes to unresolved or hidden past grievances, trauma, and pain can be enough to resolve anxiety or other mood disorders; but, in general, there is always work, action, or energy that needs to be put forth to create new habits or thoughts that serve the present situation.    Awareness is the precursor to change; but action must take place for things to be and look different. The thing is most individuals have great intention.  However, they do not have consistent effort in making these positive habits or finding out why some habits (conscious or unconscious) hold them back or get in their way. Carving out any ne…

The Choice to Take A Chance to Change

The Choice to Take A Chance to Change
It takes choice and action to move through fear and take a chance to change.  You can pray for change.  Prayer will deliver you the messages or messengers; but you have to take that chance and act to change.

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You Will Never Be Ready Enough

Endless conversations about change and not doing anything doesn't make change happen.  Talk about change, write about change, draw change, and strategize about change; but then, in the end, the inevitable is to take action to make change happen.  Jump in. You will never be fully ready.
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Wake Up to Live! How to Gain Clarity

Many of us don't like it when things change. For instance, when your child moves to another country or your cat dies or your basement floods with all of your antique furniture you can understand that change can be hard. You may feel lost, sad or pretty pissed off.  So we have the environment around us that changes, but we also have the emotions within us that change. Change isn't always pretty, like getting a new home, a new hair-do or a new outfit. Change comes in many packages and different colored ribbons.
What change does, though, is that it brings contrast. When we plug along in life and something different happens it's called change--inside of us and outside of us.  With that, change gives contrast; this means that we see or experience what we like and what we don't like. 
By seeing what we like and what we don't like, it brings forth clarity; thus, it expands our desires. Living in a diverse world also brings a great amount of contrast and then clarity. Ever…