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Life Is A Big Mess

"Life - real life - is a big mess . . .  And every answer spawns another question;  and every question blossoms with a hundred different answers;  and if you're lucky you'll always feel somewhat confused."
Excerpted from Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

A wonderful play by Ann-Marie MacDonald about Constance's (protagonist) quest for self-knowledge and identity through the transformation of Shakespeare's heroines.  A must read!

"Listen," to Love, Understand, and Accept

"Listen," to Love, Understand, and Accept
When working with individuals with mental health and emotional issues, it's important to give them love, understanding, and acceptance.  Far too often, society slides these individuals into a black book, silently gossiping about them yet showing a good front for their own egocentrism and a well deserved pat on the back from others.  Thus, mental disorders continue to get the 'bad' rap.  And, in the end, these individuals become afraid to seek support whether through complementary medicine, psychotherapy, or even family support for fear of condemnation.
I've been comparing the techniques of the West to the East a bit lately, and notice, even in the far East, that individuals are much more understanding, loving, and accepting when it comes to mental or emotional disorders of family members or others in general.  Yet, in the West, we vouch ourselves as industrious, resourceful, modern, and up-to-date on empirical researc…