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The Biggest Illusion that We Are Not Darkness

The Ascending Quality of the Lotus Flower,   and How it Translates to the Healing Process 
 "I must have a dark side also to be whole."-Carl Jung 
The lotus flower and the healing process. 
The growing of the lotus flower has similar qualities as a person heals from the heaviness and murkiness of darkness. Darkness can be attributed to the likeness of symptoms and behavior left behind from an abusive and dysfunctional family such as depression, anger, or shame, for example. While in the mud of darkness, the stored, or potential, energy begins to move, such as with the implementation of therapy. Therapy (a catalyst for the stored energy to become kinetic energy) causes a movement of energy in the mind to create awareness.

The hidden parts of the lotus seed.
You cannot see this aspect of movement or growth within the shell of the seed or within the cranium. You can only feel something is going on within. The shoots, then, burst out of the shell's seed, the aha moments, and sl…

IN FEAR? Take the Focus Off You

When we get involved in doing something new, many times we become unsure about our abilities and what we are doing; we doubt, criticize, judge, whatever it may be. We are unsure about whether or not we are performing well. "Are we doing it right?" "What are others going to think?" etc, etc. I know this happens to me, and not just with something new either. It could be something that I have done for a while. But, there are certain days that this fear overwhelms me.

What I found to be most effective is to take the focus off myself, and instead, focus my complete attention on who and what I am serving. Whether it is the words on the paper I am writing on, the kayak and oars I am trying to maneuver in the water, or the people I am speaking to on the podium. In a way, it is the same instructions for acting. Take the focus off yourself and place it on the other person or thing you are wanting to influence.

It is that simple. Do you want to get out of the fear m…