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Throw Out Balance and Replace it With This

On the internet running through blog, Facebook, and IG posts or videos, there is always a wave of the same concepts of discussion each week. One person/business throws out an idea to talk about that week, and then many others (to figure out what they can discuss, post, or video that week) grab onto someone else's topic and put another spin on it. That's it. If you pay close attention to the posts, you will see what I am talking about. Take a look at the weekly discussions and see the uniformity in the topics of discussion, including the quotes that are posted. Perhaps it is coincidental. Perhaps it is collective energetic thought that brings this about. But, in most cases, I'm thinking it may be more about "What do I talk about this week?" and then grab an idea from someone else.

It is difficult to find weekly, let alone daily, topics to discuss and, at the same time, give good value to your audience. I get that. I've done the same thing. I'm guilty, but…

Mindfulness is More Than a Sensationalized Commodity

During the past decade or so, we've had a craze with mindfulness. Everyone from hospitals to health spas and from schools to businesses are incorporating mindfulness as a practice to reduce stress and anxiety, to be more present, to be more productive, and to better cope with physical health and mental problems. I am definitely an advocate for mindfulness, but there is a missing link with what is going on in the marketing of this practice by many teachers.

Too many people are sensationalizing and glamorizing this practice and using it as a selling feature as an end-all to all of life's troubles. I've seen this happening for over a decade now and it's only getting worse. If you go back to many of my past blog posts, you will see the pattern that I'm talking about. The word mindfulness is being considered the end-all to life's turmoils. "If you simply practice mindfulness, your life will magically change."

I guess like anything else in this world, once…

Pivotal Points Cause Resistance But Can They Change Your Life?

There has been several turning points in my life, and no matter how many learning opportunities I get, I continue to be open and aware to receive more. Maybe some with more resistance than others. One turning point was when I fell ill back in 2009. My unknown illness made me contemplate my life and where it was headed, and what I needed to do to change things. And, so I did. I took action. A more recent turning point was in early 2018. While in the BScN program at UBC, I worked at various hospital units to gain clinical experience. Learning to do a thorough assessments was one of the most important aspects in clinical practice. In any event, over the course of the first three years in academic studies and practice, it became really bothersome to see how many people were sick but could have prevented some of their illnesses. What was also startling was that many were close to my age group.

I wasn't a young student. I was 50 when I reentered university. I started to think seriously…

How Can Strength and Endurance Training Help You Heal

Why don't professionals talk about the importance of sexual healing for women and men that have been sexually abused as children and/or sexually assaulted? Its funny how many of us in society quickly come to the conclusion that all is well when we see these violated individuals appear to be coping and functioning well on a day to day basis. We talk about and do the research regarding the relationship between mental health and abuse a lot, speaking of depression and anxiety, but in much of the academic research publications, there is little to read about the process of sexual healing or how sexual abuse/assault has affected a woman's sexuality. I am not taking away the importance of mental health. However, why are we (e.g. health care professionals, researchers, and society) still afraid to talk about healthy sex and sexuality? It is a part of our mental and emotional health. How can we perceive that a woman's sexuality is in tact after chronic childhood sexual abuse, sexu…