Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mind Full or Mindful?

Is your mind full?

Are You Mindful?

Is your mind full of life's stuff as the human on the left of the picture, or are you being mindful of what enters your mind as the dogs illustration is on the right?

Don't be hard on yourself when you are on the left side of this picture.  Life is most often a juggling or balancing act: we go from having a full mind to being mindful.  I guess the most important task is to be mindful that your mind is full and then you can take action and do something about it.  In the end, you need to continually check in, reflect on your thoughts, to see where you are at.

To help promote mindfulness, you also need to nourish yourself regularly.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Can the Little Person Make Change?

Can the Little Person Make Change?

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

There are way to many people that say that we can't change things; that the matter is too big and either out of our hands or out of our control to see any movement from the little person.  I totally disagree with this attitude.  (BTW, I mean the little person in the class structural system).

For the naysayers, it's time to start looking at how change happens.  Change doesn't happen by people sitting back and doing nothing or living separate lives from the world around them.  Change happens by getting up and creating a voice about what is important to you and the people around you.

I hear people say: "Don't fuss, it's not worth the energy;" "Why make a big deal out of it.  Life has always been like this;" "Don't worry about something you cannot change;" but this way of thinking is misleading and false.  First, can you imagine if we all thought this way?  No change would happened.  Besides, why are we leaving the change for someone else?  Second, this is exactly how the big guys wants you to think--don't fuss!  They want you to stay passive and quiet and continue with your own life without making a kerfuffle. The thing is, these huge institutional structures of modern capitalism--government officials, business corporations, financial institutions, stock exchanges, and insurance companies--are going to keep making you think this way.  This world and everything that goes on in it, is a big deal and it should concern every individual that lives on this planet because we are all involved; we all reside on this planet.

Don't you want to leave a legacy for your children?  Don't you want to leave the world a better place for your children, your grandchildren, the people you love, or humanity in general?

Sometimes we have this notion that all people are good; that no one intentionally wants to self-destruct or hurt this world, but this way of thinking is misleading as well.  Study psychology of crime and you will understand that not everyone is like you and me.  Some individuals don't (for unknown reasons we may never understand) give a rats-ass about you, me, or the world they live in.  We can define the psychopaths in such a manner.  Have you ever heard about the "white-collar psychopath?"  Psychopaths are actually quite brilliant, manipulative, full of ego and grandiose, and ONLY have their self-interest in mind even when they make it appear as though you are important.  Psychopaths run rampant in the corporate world.  Can you pick one out?  He/she will wine you and dine you, appease you, and tell you that you are the best, but in the end, they have an agenda in mind; an agenda of self-interest.  They don't give a damn about you or the world they live in.  They take what they need, and they don't stop!  It is time that we all become aware of these types of CEO's, corporate presidents, and others in the stock market or any other financial institution.  Of course, not all of them are psychopaths either, but don't you feel we should at least be aware of this?    

Anyways, when you need to make change in your home or your place of employment, your community, city, district, province, the nation, or internationally, start by:

  1. Creating networks of like-minded individuals.
  2. Create a voice and use material to back your information up.  
  3. Don't pull crap out of thin air; it's not viable and you lose credibility.
  4. You need some tolerance to risk.
  5. You must be fully grounded for back-lash.