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Don't Sugar Coat Your Truth

Speak your truth, no matter what.  Your truth may not resonate with everyone.  Many of us may even shut down if our truth isn't accepted or acknowledged by others; perhaps, because they feel uncomfortable in the presence of truth.  Do it anyways.

Courage is needed to come forward regarding our truth; don't sugar-coat it.  Sugar-coating the truth only alleviates the other party from their responsibilities.

Everyone that has thus far come forward has had to go through feelings of ambiguity-should I say something or should I stay silent.  Do it anyways; speak your truth despite their uncomfortableness.  

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Should Science Be Regulated?

Fukuyama states that “countries must regulate…technology… [to]…discriminate between… technolog[y]…that “promote[s] human flourishing, and those that pose a threat to human dignity and well-being” (460).  Our nation “failed to understand that a…new potential for destruction had been created” with the atomic bomb (459); we decimated thousands of human lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, careful deliberation and scrutiny must occur in the process of scientific regulation.  However, conflicting conceptions in various research projects such as in vetro fertilization, stem cell research, and eugenics makes for challenging legislation.
Louise Brown, in 1978, was the first child born from in vetro fertilization (IVF)—in which multiple fertilized embryos are transferred from a petri dish into a woman’s uterus.A procedure that was experimental, but gave hope to couples that could not conceive a child (Rosenberg).The transferring of multiple embryos into a woman’s uterus, however, raised quest…