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Every New Day Is Another Chance

Every new day is another chance to change your life.  If you are not happy, try something different.  The old adage is: if it isn't working, do something different!

Go within yourself to hear what it is your Self is asking for.  Go to the library and do some research.  Volunteer for various organizations to see what makes you tick.  Do phone interviews with people that are in the positions you may want to be in.  Go for a walk somewhere you've never been.  Try a new sport.   All these scenarios will make the mind and heart move and direct you to what it is you are desiring; what it is you may be passionate about.  For today you will enjoy different fruits than what you will enjoy tomorrow.  Do the work.  Become aware.  Change up the pace.

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Why We Must Shift to a Person-Oriented Society

Let us not forget Martin Luther King, Jr.'s powerful and moving words that remain timeless.
Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh
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Respect Yourself Enough to Walk Away

Respect Yourself Enough to Walk Away
Respecting yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.
Respecting yourself enough to walk away is not always easy especially if you have lived through a lot of trauma in your life.  If you have lived through a lot of trauma, your self-worth may be extremely low.  But, don't give up or give in. Mental and emotional wellness begins with you.  It is possible to move past an abusive relationship or the memories of an abusive childhood and uncover true happiness.
Live life mindfully: in the thoughts you think, in the emotions you express, in the foods you consume, in the air you breathe
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Never Stop Striving to Do What You Were Meant to Do

Never Stop Striving to Do What You Were Meant to Do
Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your hear you were meant to do.
There are many of us that did not learn how to connect with our heart as a child, especially the ones that have been abused repeatedly, molested,  raped, or neglected.  Many of us closed our hearts.

As we grew older, we realized something was missing in our lives.  Somehow we weren't connected to others and life in general.  We didn't know how to feel.  We didn't know how to express.  We lived a life of deadness and blank.  We were outsiders looking in upon other people's lives.

As we grew older, we desired to know what it would be like to live . . . to feel . . . to experience . . . and to know.  We desired to be alive.  We had seen it around us, the smiles, the laughter, the love, and the friendship; but we didn't know how to get there.

Nevertheless, as we grow, as long as we desire and believe, life will find us a way to know …

Stupid Things People Say Not to Report Child Abuse

My grandfather (or whomever) may have to go to jail.He/she is too old/young to be prosecuted.  You will ruin his/her life.Can you imagine what could happen to him/her if he/she had to go to jail?Just let it go. Quit living in the past.They aren't my kids, so it's not my responsibility.Keep me out of it!Well, she/he must have done something to get that treatment.It was so long ago; just forget about it.Don't tell me the gory details.  Leave me out of it.Every child has to go through tough times.A little slap or two won't hurt.Reporting this will destroy our family (as if it hasn't already).Nobody needs to know.But he/she didn't do it to me; therefore, he/she couldn't have done it to you.Don't stress.  Don't hurt mother and/or father.  It will devastate her and/or him if you talk about it.  Keep quiet.My all time favorite (sarcastically speaking): It was nothing!Let's Connect!
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Culture of Reverence Over Children's Safety

With reference to the criminal findings of a 267-page report, Brad Wolverton writes about how the most powerful leaders at Pennsylvania State University continually covered up the child sexual abuse cases related to Mr. Jerry Sandusky – Penn State’s football coach – over a span of fourteen years.  He stated that Pennsylvania State University’s leaders showed a “total disregard” for the safety and “welfare of children” (p. 7). In respect to sociology, how could a community so large, with various top influential leaders, deny the safety of even one child, let alone 52 counts of sexual abuse that Jerry Sandusky was convicted for?  In reading the article, it showed that various officials placed blame on other various individuals, repeatedly tossing the hot potato denying the allegations; of course until there was blatant evidence, and they could no longer deny the truth.  Does this hideous crime have to do with the various statuses and classes of society – the vulnerable, small c…

Love and Justice for All Including Our Children

Love and Justice
"Justice denied anywhere diminished justice everywhere" Martin Luther King
I am fed up of listening to the condescending comments to 'be happy today and forget yesterday.'  Or  to broadly say that 'there is light at the end of the tunnel.'   Or that 'we all have a past, so just deal with it.' These patronizing comments to a survivor of childhood abuse, rape, incest, and molestation are useless.  These individuals that so broadly comment like this don't have a stand for anything or are too fearful to stand for anything.  If we don't see what we are doing wrong to these abused children by looking at their experiences from the past and who did what, how can we expect to improve the future?  
Our children have one childhood.  Allow them the right to feel joy and to receive respect, emotional care, and patience.  It is their 'human right' to get it.  It is not their destiny, their fate, their thought-process, their behavior, or…

Ignorance to Child Abuse Doesn't Make It Go Away

The residuals of childhood trauma last forever; and society as a whole is responsible in creating the behaviors from the residuals of childhood trauma.  Ultimately, society (you and me - we) is breeding these effects - the behaviors we try to control after they have become out-of-control.
Research has shown that psychological trauma from parental abuse and/or neglect (including emotional unavailability) has been linked to later abnormalities in brain development, especially in the right hemisphere (DeHart, Sroufe, & Cooper, 2004, p. 286).  Even when society ignores the evidence and signs of childhood abuse, the consequences remain and affect society as a whole.  Adults continue to show plasticity of the brain to reshape thought processes; although it weakens considerably with age; but growth and change, forming new thought processes and behaviors, and learning to live with the memories is constant work in progress.
We talk about gun control, we talk about incarceration, and we tal…