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A Constipated Modern Society Is So Plugged Up It Can't See Straight

We Are Full of Ourselves Let It Go!
Why do so many of us have to justify why we feel a certain way; and why do we have to explain why we feel the way we do?  I have heard sayings like: I had a good cry today.  We all need it once in a while.  I got angry because I was upset, and I know I shouldn't do that so I am sorry everyone.  What the hell!

I think modern society is so plugged up, it can't see straight!  We are so constipated, we forgot how to let go of our emotions.  Back in the past, and in many communal lifestyles today, it is natural to express - to release emotions; not to feel embarrassed or guilty about them.  In these communities, nobody justifies why they cry or why they get sad or down one day.  They just feel it and move on.  That's it.  Western societies make such a huge parade around emotions like "I did it; but I won't do it again.  I promise."  Or "something is wrong with me."

Justifying and explaining why you feel a certain way is…