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Connecting to Joy After Trauma

Connecting to Joy After Trauma

Not everyone has the ease of connecting to the emotion called joy.  Many of us ‘assume’ that this emotion comes natural for all of us.  I have done a bit of research into why a few of us have to work at this connection.  For instance, many individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from war or have experienced other traumatic events which have ignited PTSD, such as rape, sexual abuse, natural disasters, physical injury, bullying, domestic violence, etc., have to make a concerted effort to work at feeling joy.

The emotion of joy does not arise within trauma victims when we have lost trust and confidence in life (or in others); and, the greater the loss, the deeper the scar.  It’s not to say that this emotion, called joy, cannot happen.  It can occur; but, it takes conscious effort to feel it.
I watched a great interview, in Thompson Rivers University library, on an individual that had PTSD.  It was a beautiful interview of a vulnerable Vie…