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Gain a New Perspective to Create New Opportunities

"The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes."

[Marcel Proust]

Gaining a new objective perspective creates an open mind to new opportunities. Try on something new today: a new outfit, a new way to put on eye shadow, a new recipe, a book from a different genre . . . get out of the mundane, try on something new, and have the intention to see the experience in a new way. You never know what new opportunities will come your way.
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Living With Positive Intentions

Living With Positive Intentions
The pleasure's of avoidance and denial, and the pain's of responsibility. Many of us look at life this way. What do you think of the word 'responsibility'? Does it freak you out? Does it give you a heaviness in your chest? Does it make you feel old? I'll bet it's pretty painful even thinking about the word 'responsibility,' let alone doing 'responsibility.' "OMG, that's work!" We all have different emotions attached to the word 'responsibility'. What are yours?

It's easy to avoid, deny and ignore responsibility. Choosing to be unconscious to life gives you pleasure to some degree. Otherwise why would you do it? You want to avoid the pain. That's why. We can put on our positive thinking caps and motor down the road, side-swiping everything in our way, protesting loudly as we screech down the way, "I'm happy!" "I'm positive!" "I've go…