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There Are More Than Two Sides to a Story

Waking up to live a life full of inspiration on a daily basis is sometimes challenging, especially if you have suffered from trauma or other mental and emotional issues in your life.  Proverbs are a great way to wake up; they seem to come at a time in life when you need reflection, a change in direction, or an uplift in motivation.  I sometimes use proverbs in my blog posts and my professional Facebook page.

A proverb means an expression of truth based on common sense or the practical experiences of humanity (Wikipedia).  Proverbs, nonetheless, are single cause statements, and, although they may seem true in your life at some point, they are not accurate.  Behavior, actions, and emotions are not from a single cause.  There are a multitude of factors that cause someone to behave and feel a certain way.  When we are feeling less than par, we look for signs to help us, to validate our suffering or hardship; we look for some sort of confirmation; as a result, we latch onto proverbs that s…