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Your Choices Don't Exist In A Vacuum

Choices Don't Exist In A Vacuum
Once you wake up to live a life that is truly selected by you, this doesn't mean that life will, all of a sudden, become easy.  It doesn't create immediate joy, either.  Contrarily, when you wake up you become aware, and this awareness brings more work, hard realizations, and difficult choices.  You see, when you are asleep to life, life takes you like a river with no direction. You're at life's whim.  Once you wake up to life, you see this knee-jerk reaction with absolute clarity sometimes feeling disheartened or dismayed, and you realize, at that moment, hard choices need to made; otherwise, you will be swallowed by someone else's dreams or lack of vision, old and unsuitable beliefs, or the overwhelm of compromised values.

Perhaps, you fell into a love relationship believing it was true, only to realize that your choice was driven by childhood beliefs, and it was a comfort zone; instead, the relationship is filled with silenc…

Why Ask Good Questions

Ask questions to move yourself closer to your goals

Always ask relevant and good questions.  Don't be complacent or apathetic in your own life about anything.  As I write my research paper, for instance, I continue to wake up and ask the questions how I can make it more concise, more clear, more detailed, and more interesting.  When I am stumped at a fork in the road, I ask the questions what is it that I want to accomplish, and is it in alignment with my values and goals?  If there is conflict in a relationship, I ask what does the other person need, or what may I be saying or doing that is triggering this reaction?
Every single day, I ask questions to gain clarity, direction, and vision and to wake up to live, love, and laugh.  Are you?
Live life mindfully: in the thoughts you think, in the emotions you express, in the foods you consume, in the air you breathe.
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A New Consciousness Is Developing

"The old appeals to racial, sexual, religious chauvinism and to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work. A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet." [Carl Sagan]
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Social Bullying: A National Crisis

I am not a Rob Ford supporter, and I find him to be a total disrespect to the political institution; but, I am a counsellor that advocated respect and anti-bullying.  There is huge talk right now about Rob Ford on the Jimmy Kimmel show (March 3rd, 2014).  Google it first and get your own opinion.   Kimmel's actions are accurately described as bullying at its best.  Kimmel taunted Ford, ridiculed him, bombarded him with past events, and then professed that "everything seemed fine."  Of course Rob Ford was going to laugh it off, and I am sure he expected some very harsh and real questions, and probably some taunting; but, Kimmel took his taunting to another level which totally discredited him and his show.  When there are so many people watching late night shows to have a bit of a laugh,  you have a responsibility to the viewers and the guests: to take care of them in the most respectful manner whether you agree or disagree with them.  Kimmel's so called interview was a…