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The Most Powerful Tool to Support Others

When was the last time you acknowledged or validated others? Or, acknowledged or validated you? To acknowledge something or someone means to recognize as being valid or true.  For example: when your son rides his bicycle without falling, you acknowledge this truth to him; when your employee arrives on time for one week, you recognize this and let him/her know; and, when your client is courageous in an action, you confirm this with her/him.  The odd fact is, though, many of us seem to implicitly believe that acknowledging is not important; thus, it is taken for granted that others already know what they do well or where their strengths lie.  Nonetheless, even if others know their truths, doesn’t it feel better to have someone recognize and validate it?  Of course it does. With my experiences in coaching women clients, I believe many individuals have not experienced a huge amount of encouragement or acknowledgment growing up, and, in the end, it doesn't come natural to do it for ot…

Your Voice Matters

Self-expression keeps us healthy.  The fact is, though, some women have not been given justice to live with self-expression, and, in the end, they have lost their individuality as a powerful woman.  Living in an oppressive environment, children and women are forcefully pushed down and silenced.  This behavior, then, becomes them.  They continue to protect themselves by keeping quiet, and, of course, in extreme situations, this is important.  As a result of not expressing their needs and desires, though, their vibrancy for life dies. Their messages get diluted and distorted by not conveying them at all, or eventually over-reacting, or resolving to self-destructive or passive behaviors.The expression of one's individuality is a human right.  When you express your individuality fully, you are actually treating yourself with self-respect, self-love, and self-acceptance.  This is extreme self-care. Further, I've come to realize that moving through the difficulties of life is about …

Healing Takes Deep Soulful Work to Uncover True Happiness

Healing Takes Deep Soulful Work to Uncover True Happiness
There are so many wonderful shares on the social media networks. It's great to see various positive quotes about healing to support our community, family, friends, or neighbors.  Reminding others to be optimistic and positive can raise them from a place of despair to, at least, a glimpse of light or hope; and, that is a good thing! Frankly speaking, though, this is not a form of deep healing to uncover true happiness for the deeply hurt.
After a while, you get this bottleneck of meaningful messages that lose their potency. For sure, positive psychology has its place.  I am a supporter of this field.  Nonetheless, let us consider the individuals that have suffered deeply and need more intense healing.  What I see happening is that this field is creating various personas filled with masked hurts, anger, pain, and deep despair. Is the positive thinking holding these individuals back from really healing what is harboring deep ins…