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Beneath the Appearance of Capitalism

"Competitive capitalism, allied with a culturally sanctioned acquisitiveness and driven by calculated pursuit of profit, is only at surface a rational form of society.  Beneath the appearance of dispassionate practicality is a deep and suppressed conflict between the mechanical regulation of daily life on the one hand, and human imagination, creativity, and emotion on the other" (Parkinson & Drislane, 2011, p. 129).

How, then, can capitalism provide for a peaceful, stable, and ordered social life offering a rich social life of shared values and activities?  Is it even possible?

Capitalist societies are one's of individualism, self-reliance, self-service, individual freedom, and achievement for one's own personal goals.  Now this may sound great to some, and I can understand that, too.  However, capitalism seems to have also created a world of alienation, disconnect, and depersonalization, a world that lacks social values and bonds, mutual obligation, family, and…