Every Day Is a New Beginning

Every day Is a New Beginning
Wake Up to Live
with Desiree Leigh

Are you living your values, or has your life been hijacked by someone else’s? Are you living your life through the eyes of someone else, or is it your own? Is this journey your truth or someone else’s truth? Are you living the experiences they want you to or that you want?

Values are ideals that guide you through life. They help distinguish and inform you as to what is important and provide a way in making stronger choices that are in line with your heart. When you live by your values, life is fulfilling and joyful. There is a sense of calm, completeness and contentment. When you don’t live by your values, there is a feeling of quiet frustration that drains your energy without even an awareness that it’s happening.

Many of us go through life unaware of where we are headed. We plough through the days must’s, should’s and have to’s and don’t stop to reflect and adjust according to our intentions or desires. It’s okay to get side-tracked. Being sidetracked could be a form of relieving tensions or anxieties.

Getting side-tracked could also be a way of reminding us to reflect. To find out if where we are headed is the direction we really want to go. Is where I am going in alignment with my true heart’s desire? For me, what I plan on doing, is being more aware when I do get side-tracked. And because of my awareness to what may occur, I will get back on the bus and begin the forward movement I initially intended earlier.

Most importantly, every time you feel like life is giving you a bad deal, or your wheels are stuck in the mud, ask yourself if you are chasing someone else’s dreams and values or yours. Each one of us will make many different stops, turns and directions that are unique only to us. But there’s one thing that we all have that is the same. Time. Being side-tracked is part of life, but how long do you intend to be side-tracked? The price you will have to pay is in the delay of your dreams or pursuing another’s vision and finding out it was never yours all along.

You can begin anew with awareness to what is. Recognize your values. Values also change in priority depending on what is happening in your life. When a newborn arrives, your value of freedom and adventure may be restricted temporarily, but your value for commitment, care, reliability, provider and radiance is magnified.

Reflect and then adjust your intentions according to your desires. Make sure your values line up with your truth and not someone else’s. Living with values that are a priority in your life will create a life filled with fulfillment and joy, and a sense of calm and contentment. Create a new beginning and strive to become the real you.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh