Monday, July 13, 2009

Simplify, Simplify

Simplify, Simplify
Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh
Life is actually quite simple. We complicate everything about our existence; our relationships, our responsibilities, our agenda, our time, our work, and our purpose.

Why are we afraid to make space for ourselves? What are we afraid we may find?

Instead, we run on adrenalin congested with the old endless to-do list, steadfastly adding more things day-after-day. Persistently, we believe we are getting to our destination, enjoying our journey (this must be a joke), breathlessly checking things off. We consciously (are we really?) think we are actually accomplishing what we want to be doing, so we can free up some time for our later 'real' wants. But is this realistically going to happen?

What are we really avoiding or denying? What don't we want to find out about? Do we have that much fear that we don't even want to know who we really are? What are our values, needs and desires? What are we tolerating or resisting? Don't we want to know? Or are we just pretending we want to know? Let's be really, really honest here.

Many of us have never been taught to nourish ourselves. We were taught how to deny and avoid our feelings. These feelings that we avoid and deny indicate our needs, values, and our desires. They are there to guide us. Instead, we were told repeatedly NOT TO BE selfish.  We were, basically, told to take care of everyone else.

So over time, we learned to avoid and deny our feelings, suffocate our emotions and choke down our so-called needless desires, withholding them from our senses. We shake it off, join a gym, social club, or chat room, or perhaps buy a new car or a new jacket. Maybe we spend thousands of dollars on workshops hoping to find some joy with what we have learned, never quite achieving that feeling that others so easily and ill-heartedly flaunt. Then we go back to flapping our tongues and think we make ourselves feel better after we've whined and complained a bit. But is this really going to change anything? It just looks like more avoidance.

Life is NOW! Liberate your Self!
  • Give yourself permission to let go of these limiting words that haunt you day and night, and for anyone that says them to you as well.
  • Open your heart, listen to and embrace what you are feeling.
  • Acknowledge your soul. Your spirit is calling out to you.
  • Schedule the things you want to do into your life, even with the resistance and complaints from others. Don't deny your breadth that is keeping you alive.
Holding yourself back will restrict you from finding out what you truly want, taking away the love you have for yourself, and bury your joy. It's scary at first to make that move forward, but when you take that very first step, the next one's get a bit easier every time.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

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  1. I find as I age I desire simplification more and more. I think it may be a natural evolution. A lot of us hold on to responsibilities longer than we need. my husband and I are trying to evaluate our necessary responsibilities vs the unnecessary ones and to unload.