Mental and Emotional Wellness Begin With You

Mental and Emotional Wellness Begin with You

If you don't have mental and emotional health and wellness, you have nothing. Without the two, life's chaotic and out of control. Life's choices become emotionally and irrationally based. It's the dreaded knee-jerk reaction to all of life's circumstances. Your choices are directed by your emotions and mental state as they are right now, rather than from a state of wellness and health.

How many more times will you react to the driver in front of you because they were driving too slow? Or, maybe they past you, and you didn't like that. How many more times will you blow up at your kids because the room isn't clean or they didn't do their chores? How many more dreaded times will you defend yourself to the death when someone makes a statement that you don't agree with?

When you believe you are worthless and non-deserving, you will respond to everything that happens around you, with that sense of worthlessness and non-deserving attitude. For instance, your child doesn't clean up his/her room, and you've asked repeated times. This affects you in a negative way. Why? Because you are thinking you are worthless and non-deserving. So if you're thinking you're worthless and non-deserving, when the child doesn't do as you ask him/her, it becomes your fault. You are the one to blame. You didn't parent correctly. Maybe you said it with the wrong tone of voice. Whatever you come up with, it will be your fault. Your emotions of worthlessness and non-deserving arise, causing you to react from that mental and emotional state, and probably not in a pleasant manner.

On the other hand, take the same scenario, but you feel worthy and deserving. You know who you are and how life works. You have a sense of calm and ease within yourself. When things don't go the way you want them to go, you let it go. You creatively find another way to work with it, rather than get stuck and negatively chatter at yourself.

This scenario is possible. I've experienced it myself. A few years back, I was a mess both mentally and emotionally. My rage, anger and depression were totally out of control. I reacted to everything protecting myself from everyone around me. My walls of defenses were thick and solid. No one was getting in! And, nothing did.

The self-realization I had was that because the walls were so thick, I protected the hurt and pain and the darkness that was within me. Because of the walls around me, I couldn't let this hurt and pain out. And, neither could I let anything that had to do with love in.

To heal your life and to begin making better, more inspired choices, your walls must begin to come down brick by brick. That first step is yours to make, and only yours. No one else can do that for you. If you are forced into change, resentment and resistance will happen. Perhaps, you will change for a while, but over time, you will resort back to your old ways.

The question I have is, what will it take for you to begin to transform your life and change the direction of your destiny? Are you on drugs? Are you an alcoholic? Are you an over-eater? Do you live with rage or depression? What is it going to take for you to make that FIRST STEP? If you can't live for your self, then who? For me to transform my ways, it was my children that kept me going when painful emotions started to spill over and memories began to flow back. It was faith knowing that I can have a better life. When I made that choice, that one day standing in the middle of my kitchen, that everything around me was created by me and it wasn't about anybody else anymore, I began "THE WORK." I began my journey to a life of mental and emotional wellness. I began my journey to freedom from the gremlin in my mind. You can do this too. I am here to support you in your journey to mental and emotional health and wellness.

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