Your Image Is Working For You or Against You

Your Image of Yourself Is Working For You or Against You

The image you have of yourself is making you or breaking you.  No matter what you're thinking or feeling, all that energy radiates outward into the world around you attract back the likeness of those thoughts and feelings.  They ripple out either enhancing your life or detracting from it.

This message is not that simple or easily taken in, though, when it comes down to anyone that has lived through any traumatic events of any kind.  Memories are stored deep within dictating how you behave and what you attract.  Most often, you are not even conscious of it.  Children, teens, or adults enduring traumatic events place themselves mentally and emotionally somewhere else most often forgetting the events.  However, these memories don't disappear.  They are stored in the mind and body expressing themselves in post traumatic stress disorder, nightmares, flashbacks, startle responses, and dissociative behaviours.

So in the end, for anyone dealing with trauma, don't be so hard on yourself about getting your thoughts and feelings in order to attract what you need to enhance.  Talk therapy is what works initially.  The only way these memories within the cells of your body and mind will come out is when they feel safe to surface.  Forcing happy and abundant thoughts over a nightmare will not change anything.  The traumatic memories in your mind and body will remain, only now with happy thoughts painted over the nightmare.  When the memories and body expressions surface through a safe environment, that is the time to examine them.  By doing this, you will, over time, move past them.  And, with that new-found freedom, the image of yourself will also slowly change, where you will begin to see yourself in a new light and with a whole lot of love.

You cannot force love upon yourself.  You already are love.  You just don't see it yet when you've endured a traumatic event.  Allowing yourself to bring up the memories, examine them, and then let them go, is what will heal your mind, body, and soul.

The image of yourself if making you or breaking you.  However, you have a choice on what you can do.  Which one will you make?

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