We Come from This World

We Come from This World

We do not come into this world, we come from this world.  We must realize this connection between us and life - you and nature.  When we come to realize the intimate connection we have with this living world and celestial skies, our thoughts, feelings, and actions change; and in an instant, we begin to respect and love all things including ourselves.  We also begin to let go of what does not serve us, such as particular thoughts, emotions, and people; and we begin to live with purpose and meaning.

If only we could learn to live in this world knowing that we come from this world, we would know our stay is brief; and, thus, should be intentional.  Just as the planet and all living things on and within the planet recycles itself, so do we.  In various 'forms,' life itself will last forever; but nothing will ever stay the same. Everything keeps moving, recycling, and re-birthing including our planet and the universe.  Ultimately, we cannot "save" the planet just as we cannot save the leaves on a tree that need to fall; and neither can we save ourselves.  What we can do, however, is be naturally connected and intentional, live on purpose, make meaning, and realize we all come from this world.  We are not separate from the world.  We are the world; we are the galaxies; we are the universe.  We are both very small and very big at the same time.

Know that life comes to an end, sooner rather than later.  Whether you like change or not, the recycle process will continue.  You cannot stop this movement.  So in the end, be connected to who you are today, listen carefully to the voice within and the whisperings around you, and live intentionally.

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