Inflexible Body Equals an Inflexible Mind

Inflexible Body Equals an Inflexible Mind

When the muscles in your body are tight and rigid, when your body is inflexible, your mind becomes inflexible and your life force dwindles.  Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more for the health of your body but also your mind and energy. 

My work and my studies revolve around my office desk, and when exam time comes, the stress and tension are at there worst. Time and time again has proved to me that when I get tight in my muscles, my energy slows down, I become short tempered, and rigid in my ways.  I get stubborn.  To me, it is an obvious sign of inflexibility!

These past two weeks, I seemed to be in overwhelm - emotionally and mentally.  Getting on the floor to do some yoga moves proved to be discomforting.  So I decided to take in a 2 hour full-body massage yesterday.  After the deep muscle massage, I thought I would end up going to sleep when I got home.  The reverse was true.  I was full of life and energy.  The healing power that comes from touch is a miracle.

So why do I put off getting a weekly or bimonthly massage when it does so many wonderful things to my mind, body, and energy?  Or why do I put off going to a warm hatha yoga class to release tension?  Those darn old habits from growing up.  Growing up where you learn that meat is the principle portion of a meal; learning to work until your body ached; learning to eat everything off your plate because there may not be food tomorrow; and learning that everything other than hard work and studies is frivolous.  These are all learned behaviors from someone else's rigid belief system.The programming from childhood still implanted in our heads is what allows us to go back to those old habits.

In the end, try to be aware of your habits.  Pay attention to patterns of learned behavior.  Be watchful and observant to what your body needs.  If you are connected and aware of how you feel from moment to moment, you will know when and what steps to take.

It is one thing to be mindful.  It is another thing to be mindful and take action to what needs to be done.

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