Negative Self-Talk Hurts!

Negative Self-Talk Hurts!

Today just seemed like a tough day all-around.  It's not that the day itself was difficult in meeting challenging people or having a jam-packed agenda. What made is so rough was realizing how hard I can be on myself--my negative self-talk.  How my expectations of myself can be through the roof, but they only leave me, at times, especially when I don't reach them, down in the dumps.  I have time-and-again told my closest friends that I don't need anyone bashing me down; I do a great job myself.

My instincts said to do one thing on the computer, but I over-ruled my intuition, only to find myself in a predicament--in a situation I didn't want.  I was down and frustrated without really knowing why, at first, until I did some reflecting. Then I realized I was angry at myself because  I knew it was my fault in the choice I made. I overruled my gut which already knew what was right in that moment. And, because I didn't listen to the voice within, I quickly started the negative self-talk.

Over the years, I have figured out which feeling are my intuition talking with me--the ones I should listen to- and which ones are just my thoughts rambling in my head and distracting me. Yet, I have the ability  to over-rule my intuition too quickly.  It's frustrating to say the least.

I'm being really honest here. I can be so hard on myself that when I actually begin to listen to myself, I am floored to how rude and nasty I am to myself. I would NEVER treat another person as I do myself when I get to this point.  Once I finish bashing myself with negative self-talk, you can only imagine where my self-esteem goes?

So, right now, I am saying to the committee that meets inside my head to sit down and shut up. I must be forceful and determined to stop it. I cannot expect myself to be perfect, and, really, that is where the problem lies when I make a mistake.

Be Good to Yourself.

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