The Reason I Started "Wake Up to Live!" Blog

The Reasons I Started "Wake Up to Live!" Blog

One thing is for certain about life, there is a beginning and there is an end, and it's important to get on with life and make the best out of it no matter what's happened to you. I say this with much empathy and understanding.

I started the blog "Wake Up to Live!" in 2008 because I wanted others to wake up to live a life fully and passionately.  I didn't want life to pass them by. I was once a sleeper, and I lived life from a knee-jerk reaction not conscious to the reasons of my emotions and behaviors, as well as my choices. I made some sh** arse decisions. I struggled for years living with the repercussion of chronic childhood abuse, incest, sexual assaults, and then later domestic violence. I was plagued with memories but it was also the behaviors that I accumulated from childhood trauma that kept me stuck in a life spiraling downhill. I kept harming myself with eating disorders, rage, depression, and drugs and alcohol. I was consumed with mental chaos and confusion. I couldn’t self-identity. Who was I? I loathed myself with a passionate hate.

I was very aware of time passing me by when I reached my forties, and I knew I needed to take control. And, that's when the work began. Once I began to reflect and wake up, life started to look promising rather than bleak and hopeless. Over time, I found a way to create a person that I wanted to live with, a person that I could respect, and, soon after, I wanted to find a way to share my experiences of waking up and encouraging other to wake up, too, to live life fully.

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  1. yep. I am truly agree with you. I also want to wake up to live a life fully and passionately. Why are we wake up with full of regrets. In my opinion, you are the only one guy can choose how do you live after waking up in this day, for sure.


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