What Is No Longer Serving You?

As time goes by, some things may not serve you anymore. Do you need to close some doors to serve you better or even to help you heal?

Closing doors is a tough thing to do especially with people that we care for, but to salvage our sanity, safety, and spirituality, we may need to close the door to the people that suck the living energy out of us in order to rise higher than we are now--to be who we are intended to be.

If you want to elevate yourself to the next level, you cannot hang with others that are always bickering and complaining or belittling and harassing. No matter how much you try, eventually, this lower level energy will get to you. You will not be able to sustain your higher energy source.

Time-and-again, I have heard the words that "no one can make you feel bad; only you can do this to yourself." These individuals state that "you must take responsibility for your own happiness." Yes, this is true, but it's much more easier said than done. Controlling your way of being around people that are constantly griping may not always be the solution. This takes tremendous effort and energy which can leave you feeling exhausted. If people are constantly complaining, you may want to reconsider who you are hanging out with. Otherwise, you will need to have a conversation around this topic and then set some boundaries.

You can protect yourself with the energy bubble surrounding you. You can cut the cords that are pulling at you on a daily basis, but when you live or work with others everyday that are sucking the living daylights out of you, eventually, you cannot sustain this, and you will falter.

Definitely, there are exceptions to this. I mean ending relationships and moving on. For instance, perhaps you have an ill parent or child. You cannot walk away from the heavy energy of hardship when it is someone you care deeply for. Then you need to take a different route to sustain your higher energy level. You must find avenues in your life that you are grateful for. Sometimes they are difficult to conjure up in a time of grief and pain, but they are there. Look for them, as small as they may seem.

Different routes need different tactics.  Do you need to close some doors to serve you better or to help you heal? Do you need to set boundaries? Or do you need to foster a heart of gratefulness?

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