Healing Take On the Dynamic Pattern of Twigs

Healing Is A Dynamic Process ©

Healing is Not Straight Forward

My healing process, over time, has evolved into many forms.  When I look back to when my healing process began, I could never have imagined that the series of steps taken in healing was so dynamic.  When we look at healing the mind, body, and spirit, we usually think of one thing -- simply to heal what is bothering us: a broken relationship, a traumatic past, or recovery from an accident or surgery. That seems simple enough and quite straight forward, but that word in itself called simplicity paralleled with healing is an illusion because healing is not simple but rather complex, and it varies.

Twig Growing and Stretching

Healing takes on the pattern of twigs trying to take their place within a tree as they grow and stretch.  You can't see this dynamic interplay as much when the leaves are attached to the branches, but when the scent of autumn comes and the leaves take wind, you begin to see the abundance of twigs and the interaction they have in the trees growth. 

The Endless Task of Healing

My healing process did not start with one formality and stay there.  Somehow I think I may have believed that this was the way it should happen, and, because I believed it, healing felt like an endless daunting task.

To Grow Is to Constantly Take On New Forms

What I realize, when I look back to my past and see how I have progressed, is that healing is definitely dynamic; it constantly takes on new forms. Just looking at my past healing processes, I went from spirituality and mysticism, to life coaching, to various modalities of alternative therapies, counselling, and now nursing. (Although a nursing job is not on my agenda. I will use the education for my business). In the process of healing, though, I have also grown significantly in wisdom and internal strength which has led me to a dynamic career in which I am able to apply all the concepts I have learned.

Healing Is Not Contained to Healing

In the end, healing is not contained to just healing one's mind, body, and spirit.  It does this, for sure, at a significant level when you seek it tenaciously and with determination and when you don't give up, but it does so much more to our lives. It opens us up to so many new possibilities. In the process of healing, I have discovered who I was, who I am, and who I can be or dare to be, as well as where I was, where I am, today, and where I can or dare to go.  I have discovered a whole new me and an entire new world with so many new possibilities.

Your Takeaway 

If you are thinking about the healing process or are in the healing process, be tenacious, be strong, and seek various forms of healing. Healing really does come down to doing the work; it's hard and it can be painful, but don't get stuck in one modality believing that it is the only one that will miraculously do the work. It may take you a few years. You may hop from one healing process to another. Nonetheless, in the end, you will discover something or someone that is anticipating you as much as you are anticipating her. . . YOU. . .  your higher you.

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