You Could Change Someone's Life If You Do This

You Could Change Someone's Life If You Do This

I've been attending weekly calls with Co-Active Training Institute and I'm really leaning into the brilliant conversations - connecting with others - about what is changing within ourselves during this time of the pandemic. 

Interestingly, one of the participants mentioned that she's noticed that because of the social distancing, people were not only distancing their bodily selves, but they were also avoiding eye contact and conversations. However, another participant chimed in and said the absolute opposite. Within her cul de sac, people were coming together. They were physically distancing themselves from one another, but they were also engaging in conversations more than ever. 

As coaches, we're curious to what the reasons may be in others' behaviors and, for sure, it may be dependent on the infrastructure, the location, and the socioeconomic status, for example. None of us really know the true reasons behind this behavior unless we have a collaborative conversation, and we can all guess and analyze it to death, but what if just one of us that noticed this type of behavior (withdrawing from others) did something about it; the impact may be significant. You may have the chance to even change someone's life.

Everyone Has a History

Everyone has a history and none of us know what that history is about. In times such as these where we are isolated, it's difficult for some people to reach out. Yes, it's difficult for individuals to reach out and ask for help that struggle with abuse whether it is from the past or they are living in it currently.

You could have a neighbor that is living in a horrible and violent relationship but you don't know it because she (he) walks out of her front door with a smile on her (his) face every morning. You don't see the bruises because they are hiding underneath her (his) clothes. You may see someone filled with anger. Instead, you judge and say that they should change their attitude because they are disturbing your zen moment. You don't know that this person is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and may be having a difficult day. You may also see someone in her back yard bursting out in tears and crying in her arm to try to muffle it. You didn't know that she has a brain injury that causes her to spontaneously react this way or she may have lost a child and her heart longs for her child lost 10 years ago.

The False Image of Social Media

We don't know the circumstances of anyone's life. With so much social media, we get a false understanding of who everyone is. We think everyone is having a 'good' life because that's what they share. I don't even share my bad days! Rather, I, typically, work through them in prayer or meditation. Don't get caught up with the false images on social media; it's not all real.

Change Someone's Life

So, when you see someone in public, rather than avoid them perhaps because you don't want to feel inconvenienced in having to take the time to hear their story or grievances, stop, make eye contact, and smile. Even through your face mask, others can see you smiling from your eyes. Sure, you may not have the time, but with a friendly smile, you can change someone's life. Taking it one step further, genuinely ask how they are doing - how are they managing with what's happening in life. Going another step farther, ask them if they need anything. Ask if they need anything to support them while they are in isolation. Perhaps they don't have a phone (e.g., they didn't pay their bill or their spouse took it away) and they need you to call someone to help them out.

Various credible news sources have indicated that domestic violence has increased during the coronavirus lockdown, so we need to be aware of our neighbors well-being and provide the best support we can during these times.

Whatever the scenario, it doesn't really matter, just make the connection with others. It's pretty simple, though, isn't it; connecting with others, but sometimes we forget about doing the simple things that can positively affect someone's life.

All of us may feel that we have a greater purpose in life, but it's really about 'stepping into' that purpose today by starting where you're at and that could be connecting with others in your neighborhood and your community.

Let's Connect!

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