A Path of Discovery

"If your heart acquires strength, you will be able to remove blemishes from others without thinking evil of them." ~Mohandas K. Gandhi.

When we focus on the flaws and deficiencies of others, it holds us away from spiritual connection and strength. Spiritually disconnected people will always find the worst in others. Finding deficiencies in others and ourselves will be a norm since that will be all that we see.

To increase our spiritual strength and joy, cultivate the habit of seeing others good and look for the best in them. Get conscious about the way we see others and situations we encounter during the day.

Control the powers of your own perceptions even when someone has condemned, blamed or criticized you. It is easy to fly off the handle and then apologize later. It takes more strength to make an effort and see the best or the Divinity within.

Jerry is the shepherd above. Do you see his flaws, or do you see his beauty? It is easy to see his beauty, but what about the people around you? They are just as beautiful. When others act inappropriately you will see the people around you as children on their path of discovery, just like you, when you are connected in spirit.

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