Create Your Own World of Happiness

When the sun is shining, your neighbors are smiling, your children wake up in a great mood and even do the chores without your request, your spouse brings home flowers, you get a raise at work or you receive an unexpected gift in the mail, all of these cause great joy and your day progresses much like this. These scenarios put you in a great mood and then you extend your happiness to everyone else. Perfect, life is a breeze!

But when you wake up discouraged from a dream, didn't sleep well, coffee spills on your newly dry cleaned shirt, you get stuck in a traffic jam or someone cuts you off, your spouse comes home in a foul mood, someone criticizes or blames you for something you didn't do or your children are so strong-willed that you can't seem to relate to what they do or want, your mood seems to flounder in a place of, perhaps anger or disappointment. Now, life sucks! And everyone around you will know it too.

What are we doing in this scenario? We are hijacking others' emotions. We are basically at the mercy of our surrounding conditions. Does this sound familiar? We are responsible for our own happiness. We make our own joy. No one else does it for us.

It is like many parents, and remember I am one too. They tell their children to behave a certain way so that they can feel better. They tell them to do something different so they don't have to worry. They expect good grades because they don't want disappointment. But is it for the sake of the children or for the sake of the parent? I see it for the sake of the parent. This also occurs with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. If others are not behaving the way that makes them feel better, then they have a deficiency and a problem. We never consider that it may be us that has the deficiency or perhaps that we may need to change our perception.

We have a choice on how we want to feel and it really is up to us and not them. We can either create our own happiness, or we can create our own sadness and disappointment. What day are you going to create for today? Flow with the stream of life and let if take you through your journey with love, peace, joy and harmony.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh