Are You Avoiding Your Calling?

Do You Keep Changing Your Plan Because You're Avoiding Your Calling?

Are you diverting your plans, avoiding your calling, perhaps unconsciously, because you're afraid to show up? Are you afraid of stepping forward into your own life? Have you moved along, showing up with integrity and authenticity, only to find yourself on another path wondering why you're there? Are you avoiding greater growth because it feels scary, moving once again into your comfort zone?

For instance, it's like building a business only to realize you must now speak publicly to get your message to a greater amount of people, and now you feel your knees trembling, sick to your stomach, and decide this is just not for you anymore? Somehow you begin to sabotage your vision. Somehow you find yourself on another course of action but not in alignment with your passion. Is this you?

This happens to many of us. I can't imagine everyone on a smooth path to spreading their message. I, myself admit to these diversions. Sometimes they can be costly and sometimes they can take away more of our precious time from achieving our dreams. However, these diversions are distractions that can clarify your vision and your conviction towards them. Sometimes, if we just don't get it, meaning, we just don't see our vision clearly enough, we seem to attract something that gives us more insight and clarity. Something that will cause us to wake up a little more.

There is one great realization from experiencing these diversions, though. You begin to learn more about yourself and your habits. When you learn more deeply about your patterns, you raise awareness to them, therefore able to change them. Well, I guess that would be your choice too.

How to:
  1. Before making big or costly decisions, show up to your life first. Meaning, 'Be Present'.
  2. 'Be Aware' of your patterns of habit. For instance. If you have always had a pattern of lying to yourself about who you really are to accommodate others & just got into the habit of doing it for everything else, question what's up. It's easy to lie to ourselves to get away with showing up to life. It's that darn 'story' again.
  3. Question if what you are about to decide, moving you towards your vision or away from it.
  4. Allow the answers to come.
  5. Most importantly, remember to be 'open to receive' the messages. Your messages are always around you. You have to pay attention, though!
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