Bombarded by Thousands of Decisions a Day

Bombarded by Decision Making

Why are small wins so important when you are making choices in persevering a goal to achieve your vision?

When you persevere a goal you are bombarded with a lot of decision making. Think about how many decisions you have to make in a week, a day or even an hour regarding an ill parent, a child's future, your business, your education, your marriage, or your career. Just thinking about making these choices can prove to cause overwhelm with information overload.

In many complex decision-making situations you would experience cognitive obstacles creating ambiguity which becomes overwhelming. With socio-emotional obstacles, you may experience stress, frustration, and personal friction (resistance) because of the many choices.

Both cognitive and socio-emotional obstacles occur and must be overcome while you are in the process of achieving closure from one decision to the next. If the choices are not made because of these sometimes hindering obstacles, you may feel as though you are stuck. If you make a decision too hastily, you may feel the choice is a mismatch causing anxiety, slowing the process once again.

Another common scenario to decision making can be a continued constant debate regarding the choices. Laying down many choices and weighing them out for much too long can create more of the same feelings of overload.

This analysis is from my studies, as well as my research and experience. What I believe to be the greatest benefit in making a decision is understanding this process as well as trusting my internal wisdom. We can gain a lot of knowledge from the materials we read, which is essential, but our choices should be guided by within as well.

Some may argue that the process of decision making could take too long if we had to stop every time and listen to the voice from within (or meditate upon it). But I think if we don't, it can prove to be an even longer process because our choice may be poor and not in alignment with our heart.

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