Hiding Behind Spirituality

Are you hiding behind your spirituality pretending that you have completed or dealt with your past? Do you just keep pushing your pain and sorrow deeper into your heels, only for it to fester and create more disease a little longer?

Some people on the spiritual journey are doing this. I can attest to it because I have done it myself. Our past is difficult to face, but if we don't face our in-completions that linger in today's now, which dictates our behavior, the mind chatter continues. The mind chatter consists of the words we use to control our behavior, creating lack of confidence, fear, illnesses, lack of self-worth, and much more.

To really own your power, you must let go of your pain and sorrow. These past hurts (e.g. guilt and shame) are what's controlling your behavior today, more than likely unconsciously.  You are not aware of it. It's the unconscious patterns you keep re-creating, but you don't realize this. You must first see what is causing that behavior. Go back to the past to heal your past so that your patterns of habit don't get recreated or transfer to your present and future situations.  When you know the source, when you finally shed some light to the pain and sorrow of the past, the self-sabotaging behavior melts away.

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