Creating Good Relationships

Creating Good Relationships

"If you don't have a good relationship with you, your small self and You, your greater self, then you can't have a good relationship with others".

You, your personality self, and, You, your higher Self must blend well. Meaning, you must have a good relationship with you and 'You'. In essence, they are not separate from each other. Many people believe that the inner voice is something far beyond them. In many ways that is true, but It (that inner voice) is still You.

How can we ever establish a good relationship with others if we haven't established a good relationship with our selves? Many of us are not whole and complete in our selves. We look for fillers, sort of speak. Someone to satisfy what we 'think' we are missing to make our selves feel better. Also, if we are critical and judge ourselves regularly, we will be doing the same things to others. There are no exceptions. That is where the problems occur. First, we must be complete, or whole, within our selves. Then when someone does come into our life, we don't have an attachment to them. When we are needy or attached, this is when relationships become dysfunctional and fail. Someone else can only temporarily satisfy our needs.

You cannot separate how you feel about yourself and how you feel about others. There is no separation. Therefore, how you feel about your self is how you feel about others. In order to establish a good relationship with others, you must first establish a good relationship with your self.

Begin by meditating and practicing stillness. In today's world, most of our minds are so busy, we don't hear what is being said to us. The more you practice these disciplines, the more you will "know" what you need at any given moment.

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  1. woow Desiree .. this is so true
    beacause I have been in such experience !
    I was needy person .. I needed someone to talk to me .. etc
    but after understaning myself and others better,and being in good relastionship with it.. I became in a very good relationship with others :) and I can feel it :D

    you helped me in many parts of my life:) Thank you so much and keep it up ... wish u all the best :)

    Hassan (Varm) from Facebook .

  2. To know and to love yourself it the begin of a lifelong romance ( Oscar Wilde )

  3. Life becomes grand when we live a life in harmony with our self and greater Self. When they are blended and we allow 'It' to speak through us that is where inspired action and a life with purpose begin!


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