Being Present with the Ones You Love

Being Present With the Ones You Love 

To have extraordinary relationships, we must spend time dealing with whatever is coming up. Sometimes we get things in our head, for whatever reason. We conjure up thoughts and ideas that never happened and may never will. We'll even have arguments in our head for hours or days, only realizing later that not much came about from the mild hum or the deafening noise we kept thinking about. The only thing that caused us grief was the thoughts encircling our head over and over again.

What we must remember, is that those recurring thoughts that keep us trapped in our head, keep us distant from one another, and even ourselves. This language, whether spoken out loud or thought about, also creates our world. And, then we wonder why our life doesn't work! Many of us talk about being in the now, being in the present moment, feeling that oneness - our point of power. But if we continue a life with others (exception being your pet) with daily in-completions, we will never hear what comes through in the now, our point of power. We will never hear It because we will be too busy thinking about what is going on in our head and what we should say or do next.

Doing a 30 minute activity and forgetting the rest of the day will not work either. Being present to your point of power is not about a 30 minute a day activity, or a prayer in the morning and/or the evening. Being present, is 'all day' work; from the moment you wake up to the the moment you go to sleep. Being present and living in the now, should be lived minute by minute, not once a day or when you feel you have to do your yoga, meditation, or chants.

Learn to catch yourself when you're not in the present moment and bring yourself back. Being aware of what we aren't aware of, and being responsible for it, leaves us free to choose and free to create new possibility. Trust the process. You will get better at it.

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