Exterior Stresses Create Internal Imbalances

Exterior Stresses Create Internal Imbalances,
by Desiree Leigh, Wake Up to Live
For a moment, think about a modern day rubber wheel on a vehicle. When you buy a brand new car or truck, you are pretty sure, at the time of purchase, that the tires will be balanced. Right!

Now, once you get behind the steering wheel of your beautiful new vehicle and begin driving over the uneven pavement, perhaps some stones, a curb or two (hopefully not that one!), a piece of wood, whatever it may be, the tire is still balanced with the air pressure within it. Right? Yes.

Although, the tire is balanced, it endures the stresses of constant imbalances, such as the stones or the uneven pavement I mentioned. It may even endure the stresses well when driving into a snow bank or two (yikes!). The rubber tires, looking at an external view, fluctuate. They are balanced with the air pressure within. On the outside, we can visually see that things look different - perhaps oddly shaped at times depending where you're parked, on an incline or a decline, what hole or bank you drove into (another yikes!), whatever the case may be. The tires are still balanced.

Over time, though, the once balanced rubber wheels driven out of the parking lot, become imbalanced due to these external fluctuations and stresses. It's not noticeable immediately, but if left without 'checking in' you may end up with a problem - a flat tire, or even a bigger problem, a collision if you were driving at a high speed on a busy highway.

When you responsibly check in you would realize that the pressure, within the tires, occasionally changes when you experience external fluctuations caused by stresses, and sometimes you need to add air to balance them or maybe even repair a small leak.

What does this all mean? We are always going to fluctuate in our energy balances due to the external stresses we go through. There is a continual ebb and flow to life and life's experiences. Everything is constantly in motion. What is most important is to check in regularly and adjust your internal energy accordingly to create harmony. When you don't check in to your internal energy, recognizing your imbalances, discordance is assured. And when discordance occurs and remains within your system, exhaustion, dis-ease, mental or emotional illness, skin disorders, or organ failure can occur.

Check in regularly to continually create harmony and great health!

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh