Your Choices Don't Exist In A Vacuum

Choices Don't Exist In A Vacuum

Once you wake up to live a life that is truly selected by you, this doesn't mean that life will, all of a sudden, become easy.  It doesn't create immediate joy, either.  Contrarily, when you wake up you become aware, and this awareness brings more work, hard realizations, and difficult choices.  You see, when you are asleep to life, life takes you like a river with no direction. You're at life's whim.  Once you wake up to life, you see this knee-jerk reaction with absolute clarity sometimes feeling disheartened or dismayed, and you realize, at that moment, hard choices need to made; otherwise, you will be swallowed by someone else's dreams or lack of vision, old and unsuitable beliefs, or the overwhelm of compromised values.

Perhaps, you fell into a love relationship believing it was true, only to realize that your choice was driven by childhood beliefs, and it was a comfort zone; instead, the relationship is filled with silence and abuse.  Maybe you bought a home because this is the typical American dream everyone wants.  Right?  Now you find yourself mortgaged to the hilt and strapped to a lifestyle that is draining and restricting you.  Perhaps your unaware choices seem very normal when you review them, but now that you are fully awake to live, you see that, possibly, you have followed other people's (family, culture, and society) ways.

Life doesn't exist in a vacuum.  Your choices don't exist in a vacuum either because they will always, to some degree, be influenced by something or someone, but when you wake up to live a life with awareness, you have a better chance at making choices that are more aligned with you and your values rather than others. 

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