Oppressing Others to Stay Silent About Sexual Abuse and Assault Is Not An Answer

"Truth is like the sun. 
You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away."
[Elvis Presley]

I love this statement; it hits the nail right on the head!  How many people around you have asked you to stay quiet about your childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault experience(s)?  For that matter, how about any truth?  Even if they haven't asked you in words, their body language will clearly tell you.  I've experienced this my entire life, but, the thing is, I still see it today.  Many people don't want to hear about the gory details, and this has to change.  Why?  Because when childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault survivors get recognition regarding their story, they begin to heal.

HEALING is not. . .

Healing is not about visualizing your hurt gone; it is not about blowing your hurt to the heavens; it is not about smothering your hurt with positive thoughts; it's not about asking yourself what you have learned from the experience!; and it's NOT that you asked for it.  Healing is, however, about facing the hurt, knowing that it was real and it was not your fault, and acknowledging that, yes, you were violated viciously, and it is a criminal offence.   

It still flabbergasts me that some parents (parents that have children) refuse to listen to the adults of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault, yet they have children of their own.  It floors me to see this sort of attitude.  Are they not concerned about their own children's vulnerabilities when it comes to sexual abuse and sexual assault?  Do they think that their child(ren) is invincible to this?  Many of us refuse to acknowledge the truth because living in darkness gives us a sense of comfort.  The truth almost always creates upheaval and shakes up one's life; who wants that when we have a seemingly happy and content life?  

"Many people, especially ignorant people, 
want to punish you for speaking the truth, 
for being correct, for being you. 
Never apologize for being correct, 
or for being years ahead of your time. 
If you are right and you know it, speak your mind. 
Speak your mind even if you are the minority of one. 
The truth is still the truth.
[Mohandas Gandhi]

It's time to wake up regarding the abuse against our children.  Wake up and see the truth.  By denying the evidence or not wanting to deal with the matter does not make it untrue.  Wake up and recognize the many individuals that have experienced childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault; this is the least we can do to allow these individuals to heal completely.  Break the silence.  Give them the space to tell their story. 

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