Happy Easter

Happy Easter

 Whether you celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, or you celebrate Ishtar, fertility and procreation, take these holidays to give thanks to life, what life has to offer, and any memories of loved ones that impacted your heart, whether you are religious or not.  

I always look back to memories of my grandparents on my father's side, especially my grandma.  Going to my grandparents home in Raspberry Village was always such a nice event.  Grandma had such good home-cooked food.  She made an amazing raspberry juice, borscht that was out of this world, and pedehi (my favorite was beet or pumpkin).  It was such a delight!  Her home was very welcoming and warm and smelled so inviting.  I'll always remember entering the side door of the house, turning left to climb up the stairs to enter her kitchen.  Every time, she had a loaf of bread, a container of salt, and a clear glass jug full of fresh water.

What I remember most of grandma's place was that she was consistent; I knew what to expect.  She was hospitable, happy and friendly, and always wanted you to leave with a full tummy.  These simple items made seeing her the best thing that happened on weekends.

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